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The Games Machine Magazine

The Games Machine was a video game magazine that was published from 1987 until 1990 in the United Kingdom by Newsfield, which also published CRASH, Zzap!64, Amtix! and other magazines. The magazine ran head to head with Future's recently launched ACE and EMAP's long running C&VG magazines. Unhappy with the profits from the title Newsfield decided to call it a day for the title in 1990. However Newsfield would, more or less, continue with a multi format magazine with Raze. This new title would concentrate on the ever rising consoles like the Mega Drive as well as the established NES and Master System.


texts 35

Game and Gamer Magazines

atari 34
games 34
software 33
game 32
tgm 32
amiga 31
amstrad cpc 22
disk 19
sound effects 17
graphics 16
spectrum 16
commodore 15
version update 13
software houses 12
disk drive 11
games machine 11
computer 10
disk offer 10
computers repaired 9
offer 9
peripherals repaired 8
arcade 7
centre bytes 6
computer games 6
electronic arts 6
warranty three 6
amiga disk 5
machine update 5
mega drive 5
amstrad 4
cass offer 4
dear games 4
midi 4
software house 4
tor 4
deluxe paint 3
game boy 3
machine rating 3
mark caswell 3
sound 3
space harrier 3
sprites 3
thunder blade 3
colour palette 2
commodore amiga 2
computer game 2
diak offer 2
digital pictures 2
dish offer 2
football manager 2
gremlin graphics 2
indiana jones 2
lor 2
mail order 2
mel 2
personal computer 2
public domain 2
robin candy 2
software format 2
space ace 2
special offer 2
star wars 2
super grafx 2
test drive 2
tgm rating 2
tgm update 2
amiga dtak 1
amiga screen 1
amstrao cpc 1
animation 1
arcade conversions 1
arcade game 1
base colours 1
beverly hills 1
big apple 1
blade runner 1
blue angels 1
bss jane 1
bulletin boards 1
caaa offer 1
cass price 1
castle master 1
chamonix challenge 1
code masters 1
composer program 1
computer art 1
computer challenge 1
crash garrett 1
cup soccer 1
dan dare 1
dark sceptre 1
dark side 1
digital 1
disk cass 1
disk drives 1
dlak offer 1
domain software 1
dtak offer 1
dynasty wars 1
earls court 1
engine 1
epson compatible 1
fixed pusher 1
flight 1
flight simulations 1
forgotten worlds 1
free game 1
full house 1
full metal 1
games master 1
grand prix 1
high score 1
hills cop 1
ihe 1
ims 1
ims ims 1
international soccer 1
joysticks 1
judge dredd 1
keyboardist 1
kill man 1
label tgm 1
lapworth machine 1
laser disc 1
laser tag 1
lazer tag 1
level level 1
lone wolf 1
mac 1
machine 1
master sound 1
match day 1
middle earth 1
midi device 1
midi devices 1
national computer 1
ninja spirit 1
ninja warriors 1
operation thunderbolt 1
operation wolf 1
pepsi 1
pepsi challenge 1
pink panther 1
platform game 1
player 1
police quest 1
postal orders 1
power drift 1
pretty good 1
programming software 1
rainbow arts 1
recommended retail 1
red storm 1
rock star 1
sam coupe 1
scramble spirits 1
screen 1
sega 1
sega mega 1
showcase 1
sim city 1
smart cards 1
sonic boom 1
sound module 1
sounds 1
space quest 1
special offers 1
spectrum holobyte 1
stand 1
storm rising 1
strip poker 1
stunt car 1
sullivan bluth 1
summer games 1
super 1
super mario 1
super shinobi 1
super ski 1
super wonder 1
teenage mutant 1
tgm april 1
tgm august 1
tgm february 1
tgm guide 1
tgm july 1
tgm june 1
tgm march 1
thai 1
theme park 1
three stooges 1
time stood 1
total cost 1
typhoon thompson 1
ultima 1
update rating 1
vector graphics 1
venom wing 1
virgin mastertronic 1
voice dumps 1
voicing 1
english 35
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